Thursday, May 19, 2011 service is a scam

This service & their box is a scam. Stay away from this crap at all costs and customer support at its absolute worst. 

Where do I start with this colossal fail...

  1. Poor quality and buggy software on the box, that crashes all the time.
  2. Horrible buffering issues even on a 20Mbps comcast internet account. Their servers simply can not handle the load.
  3. Box required constant reboots and authentication to get it to work.
  4. Crappy remote that barely worked. Only a few buttons on the remote were useful.
  5. Horrendous customer support, that never picks up your calls or responds to emails.
  6. When the box went bad(no audio) they refused to replace it even though it was under warranty. Lost money and time trying to reach them.
So the watchindia service is a FAIL... FAIL... FAIL.... pissed me off big time. I hope this prevents other people from paying for this crap.