Thursday, May 19, 2011 service is a scam

This service & their box is a scam. Stay away from this crap at all costs and customer support at its absolute worst. 

Where do I start with this colossal fail...

  1. Poor quality and buggy software on the box, that crashes all the time.
  2. Horrible buffering issues even on a 20Mbps comcast internet account. Their servers simply can not handle the load.
  3. Box required constant reboots and authentication to get it to work.
  4. Crappy remote that barely worked. Only a few buttons on the remote were useful.
  5. Horrendous customer support, that never picks up your calls or responds to emails.
  6. When the box went bad(no audio) they refused to replace it even though it was under warranty. Lost money and time trying to reach them.
So the watchindia service is a FAIL... FAIL... FAIL.... pissed me off big time. I hope this prevents other people from paying for this crap. 


  1. Very true. Only way to recover your money is by dispute in your credit card if itis under 2 months.

  2. They are absolute not have an office in USA. Do not even declare the names behind this scam.

  3. i did one year with them , every thing u guys said above is true. i cancelled the service after 1 year but they never cancelled it like AOL and they charge my credit card the renewal fees, customer service is only available through chating now. very piece of crap company, they need to be shut down in USA.

  4. I bought 1 month service from them in October and they have been charging me continuously every month even after I made several attempts to cancel the service. They dont have easy way to cancel service but I tried chat phone email i.e. all ways.


  5. I agree. has NO ETHICS. They will cheat you at every possible point so be careful. Additionally, they have horrible tech support. My box does not work, online I get media fail error and they keep telling me that someone from Tech support will get back to me in 72 hrs. They did not - repeatedly and then they kept charging my credit card too. What a shame. Hope some one takes legal actions against them. STAY AWAY

  6. I agree with all of you. They will never refund your money. They don't have any phone number. They are great cheater and has no ethics. They must be banded from internet.

  7. Now they dont have even the live chat you send a mail to support centre it bounces back. there is no way you can contact them now. Nothing works now even the PC viewing doesnot work forget about the Box. Its just horrible.Can anyone nows how to contact them

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