Thursday, July 12, 2012

Install ehome IR drivers on WHS 2011/ windows 2008

While installing DVBlogic Server (, I ran into an issue where my ehome IR transceiver drivers wouldn't install on WHS 2011. This prevented me from switching channels on my dish network 211k receivers, which were feeding video signals to my capture devices (Hauppauge HDPVR & a colossus card).

I came across this site that shows how to install the IR transceiver drivers on win 2008 (& hence WHS 2011)

By default you can’t use the Microsoft eHome IR Transceiver in Windows Server 2008 R2, but using this page you ‘ll install drivers to get the hardware working. These drivers were extracted from the Windows 7 x64 RTM MSDN dvd.

3. Install the drivers via the Device Manager using step 2 – 5 at the Drivers page.


  1. Hi Sri, that artikel of your almost safed my life :) Would it be possible to have a small knowledge exchange? I could really need some help in respect of DVDLogic, HDPVR and more.

    Thanks for your response :)

    1. Sure let me know what do you need?

    2. Hi Sri,
      Thanks for the offer :). Well I have finally managed to get Haupauge HDPVR, DVBLogic 4.0.1, STB and DVBLink in a working state. However from what I was reading on the net, it is not possible to use this configuration with DVBLogic version 4.5.1. What Version of DVBLogic are you using?

      I am currently having 3 STB’s and I was wondering if I could get them all set up on my WHS 2011 (assume I would have also three HDPVR’s).

      How does your setup look alike?

    3. I'm using dvblogic 4.1 . 4.5 is not yet compatible, and unfortunately the plugin developers(1geek1tool) aren't doing anything. I also recommend using a hauppauge colossus pci-e card, instead of a hd pvr. They are a whole lot more stable, cheaper & reduce a lot of external clutter.